Along the Unami

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Hiking and photography is where I find my Zen.  I am always looking for new places to go and am always surprised at how many places there are to explore close by.  I had so little time to explore this wonderful place because I had to get home to babysit my grandson, but in the half hour I was here I fell in love.  Awesome way to find my happy place after a long week at work.  Sorry if the photo’s aren’t the best.  It was mostly overcast and in the woods so I just captured what I could in my short exploration.  I will be going back as soon as possible.



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Years ago when my youngest daughter was suffering from severe depression we began doing these “photo shoots”.  It was a way for her to get out of her head and enjoy herself. She no longer suffers from depression, but this has become our special thing.  We have so much fun and she is such a beauty.



Tinicum, Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places and one of my favorite go to spots when I need to just get away from it all.  As I was cleaning out and organizing photo’s I came across these photos.  Not even sure when I took them to be honest.  These were the days when I used my DSLR as a point and shoot and hadn’t even heard of the term RAW file 😦  I am sad because I don’t have the originals and some of the edits on these images did not make them better.

Well that being said.  One of my favorite past times when I need a pick me up is to go looking for deer.  This brings me back to the days when my grandpop was still alive and we would go deer spotting.  There is an ordinance that does not allow for develops and because of this the deer population can be seen even during the day.  Below are some of them.  They are so curious about the sound of the shutter.  Poised to run, but ears perked up trying to discover what it is they are hearing.

Tinicum is also home to Ralph Stover  State Park and High Rocks, which is part of Ralph Stover.  Both parks are amazing for hiking, fishing, exploring, relaxing and photography.  I spent a good part of my childhood at these parks and love going to them.  I used to take the children there a lot when they were little.

As you can tell from several of my posts, my youngest was my fisherman.  He was always so patient and would always want to come along with me on my adventures so he could try to catch something. I miss those days so much.

Lastly is the tow trail.  This runs along the Delaware River for I believe about 66 miles.  (Don’t hold me to that.)  I always get on it at random spots from Easton down past Washington Crossing.  I have walked it on both the PA side and the NJ side.  This particular day there was quite a bit of water in the canal and I was able to locate the Lock Ness Monster 🙂  At least from the one angle … LOL!!

 I would most definitely recommend a drive through Tinicum if you were ever to visit Pennsylvania.  It is such a lovely place to sight see.



Going through old photo’s and found these 🙂  When the children were young we spent a lot of time at this little fishing hole up in Tylersport.  I honestly don’t even remember how we located this spot it was so many years ago!  The young boy in the pictures is my son who is graduating high school this year!  My how time flies!!

One of the reasons I love these photo’s so much is that it was here that I began to form my “style” of photography.  I love finding one thing that I love and making that the primary focus of the image.  I also love reflections and textures as seen in so much of what I take pictures of.

There are so many reasons to love photography, but one of the best is finding pictures that you haven’t seen for a long time and the smile it brings to your face as you are reminded of a time that brings back wonderful memories.

There isn’t really much I can tell you about a visit to Tylersport that would make you rush to go there.  It is a small town that consists of a Bar an Auto Shop, a Township run lake and the “Pickerel Pond” as it is known to the locals.

In the summer the pond is covered in water lilies.  It is always a challenge to fish there but the pickerel and bass are worth the effort if you are lucky enough to catch them!  There is a short paved trail that leads through the woods and a grassy trail that leads to the damn.  Nothing for a serious hiker, but a great place to see wild life and a large variety of birds.  Last year there were Orioles. They are absolutely gorgeous.

On another note.  I realize some of these images are a bit blurry and not all such great shots, but it is so far to see then and now that I posted them anyway 🙂  This was before I truly understood shutter speed and focal length and all the other good stuff that I have learned since then.

Wilma Quinlin Nature Preserve

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New Britain Township is located along a strip of road that is oftentimes congested and backed up for miles.  There are housing developments and business’s lining both sides of the main road and industries on the side roads.  Natural Lands Trust has a “Find Yourself Outdoors” challenge.  At each of their preserves is a search word and the goal is to log the word.  Once you have them all you win a fleece vest.  This year I hope to finally get them all.

Wilma Quinlan is a preserve that is a little over 26 acres.  The trails are mowed grass along the edges of the fields and along most of the creek with a few wooded trails.  This is an easy trail and great for a spring day.  There are a huge variety of birds to be seen and if you are really lucky a few of them will be water birds fishing.

One of my favorite spots is “Miriam’s Meadow”.  This almost three acre meadow is stunning when the wild flowers come into bloom.  There are Scarlet Bergamot, Johnny Jump-up, Narrowleaf Vervain, Clasping Bellwort, Ground Laurel, Swamp Sunflower, White Meadowsweet, and the list just goes on.  Things bloom at different times from Spring until Autumn so several visits are advised if you are local.

I am guessing that by now you have come to realize that I am a huge fan of nature preserves.  It isn’t that I have an aversion to State parks,  but on warm days they can become so over crowded and the chance of seeing wild life becomes rather slim.  Sadly there are also the trash and people stomping on the local fauna.

I discovered the local preserves quite by accident last summer and every chance I am free I try to discover and explore a new one.  Although I do run into people occasionally I am mostly left to sit and enjoy the beauty around me uninterrupted.

It’s a Birds Life

Winter 2016-2017-8003

Babysitting my granddaughter today and we are on our way out for a play date at the mall, but while I was waiting for her to wake up I was visited by over fourteen variety of birds this morning 🙂  All of these pictures were taken through my kitchen door so the quality isn’t wonderful, but I was excited to see the male and female Bluebird.  I am in the process of building so Bluebird houses in hopes of getting a nesting couple to stay around the house.

Winter Finds

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I have never been much of a cold weather person.  I was much more suited to the desert climate of Tuscon than the bitter cold that we sometimes get here in Pennsylvania.  I do have to admit though that there is a certain beauty to the frosty mornings.

The above picture is nothing more than some hanger on leaves from the fall that were mostly dead but a bright spot in an otherwise brown and barren landscape.  Normally overlooked as not worthy of a second glance, but the frost changed them into not only a bright spot of color, but changed them into something quite lovely.

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I have never quite figured out what the above weeds are, but they are abundant in the field beyond the border of my yard.  In the early morning with the frost making them heavy they too become a thing of unusual beauty.  Isn’t it funny how everyday things can be transformed by the elements?  A weed usually overlooked can become a blooming flower when covered in frost?

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With the sunrise in it’s full glory I was able to get this back lit picture out in the field.  It came out a bit busy, but I like it nonetheless.  I love textures so much and love the texture of the leaves against the softness of the background and the warmness of the sun.

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Sunset and time to head home.