Day One and Two

Hi!  I am so glad you stopped by.  Today is going to be a dual post.  Yesterday I started Project 365.  Three Hundred and Sixty-Five day’s of photo’s OH MY!!

Photography is my passion, but I oftentimes let life get in the way of this passion.  I come home with good intentions of getting some photos, but fall exhausted into the closest chair and don’t move again for the evening!  This last four months has been different though.  I have been out exploring my home state of Pennsylvania.  I spend hours in remote locations photographing and enjoying the hiking.  I have met the most amazing people this year.  I have come to the conclusion that hikers and photographers are some of the greatest people to stop and chat with.

It was on one of my hikes that I met another hiker/photographer and her friend who told me about Project 365.  I put it off, but finally got time to look into it and I love the idea!  What a great way to get some more experience and think outside the box!!

Yesterday’s Photo prompt was Back in Time:  I was out for my evening walk and to a trail that I hadn’t previously explored.  This led me to a cemetery of forgotten farm equipment. Let there for so long that mother nature began reclaiming what is rightfully hers.  Old hale balers and trailers.  I was wondering around snapping a few pictures, but it wasn’t until I turned to head back down the trail that I saw this photo opportunity.  The sun had moved and there in the coiled of an old baler was a single stalk with the sun shining on it.  I loved it!!


Today’s word: Puff?  This was a difficult one for me.  All day at work:  Puff? What am I going to photograph?  A stuffed animal?  A scarf?  A dandelion came to mind, but I knew there weren’t any available in my yard.   Came home and started walking through the fields.  I know I don’t have to follow the prompts, but this had become a challenge.  A mission if you will.  I am happy to say that I located something that in my mind was a good example of “Puff”.



So as this day comes to an end I am happy to say that I have achieved day one and day two 🙂  I hope you will join me on my creative journey.


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