Bear Creek Mountain

February 2017-7401

This winter has been a hard one on me.  I was sick for almost all of January.  I made jokes at work about the plaque because people were dropping like flies in the office and warehouse.  I worked, came home, slept and repeated.

Finally I was feeling better and on February 18th with a backpack filled with water and tissues I decided I needed to get out of the house.  I probably didn’t think this through very well since it ended up being a six mile hike through some rugged terrain, but wow!  Bear Creek is less than an hours drive from me and the only time I had ever been here was for the Policeman’s Ball. While exploring the All Trails app I discovered that Bear Creek had hiking trails.

Although the weather was warm there was still an amazing amount of things to see.  I love my textures and without the foliage on the trees I was really able to see the stone against the bark and the textures in the abandoned buildings.  There are a lot of remains of buildings to explore and the stonework is amazing.

Something I love to do is looks for “things” in nature.  On this trip I was able to find a wood angel and several natural hearts in the trees.  I also got to practice using negative space in my photography which was a fun little project 🙂

I would give this trail a five star.  There are lots of things to explore.  There are so many sink holes, caves, stone structure remains, birds, and variety of terrain.  I will be making a second trip once the weather gets warmer.

The first time you go check in at the main lobby of the hotel to sign a waiver and get a wristband.  Your band is good for a year so you don’t have to check in every time you go.

Happy Hiking!!  Remember your camera and lots of water 🙂


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