New Year’s Eve 2016

untitled shoot-6505 copy

First let me say that I realize I am working backwards in time ūüôā ¬†I actually started this blog a long time ago, but never really did much with it. ¬†I was stuck in the crazy world of Facebook and wasn’t keeping up. ¬†Spring is coming (I hope) and I want to get myself into the habit of keeping up with my blog.

That being said: These are just some early winter photo’s taken on my cold morning hike ¬†Always a challenge to find interesting things to photograph when everything is brown and bare. Challenge excepted

There are two places locally that I love to spend time. One is the Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve and the other is the Green Ribbon Trail.  They are both moderate trails but there is so much to see!

Last year my friend Jessica and I decided to sign up for a hike on the Green Ribbon Trail.  The choices were 5, 8, 13 or  21 miles.  We decided the 13 mile sounded good.  Jess and I both hike on a more or less regular basis so we felt pretty confident about our decision.  We were so wrong!  The pace was intense.  We are both casual hikers.  We stop to take pictures, admire the scenery or sit and enjoy the sound of the water passing over the stones in a bubbling brook.

This was not that kind of hike.  There was no stopping to take pictures or enjoy the scenery.  It was a fast paced, intense, marathon hike.  At the 11.5 mile marker we had to climb a fence to continue.  I remember just wanting to lie down and completely give up.  It was a relief to see the bus at the end.

Now I know the trail though and enjoy walking it at my own pace and taking pictures along the way. ¬†What I didn’t know until this day was that Gwynedd and The Green Ribbon connect so I can do both in one day and avoid the paved walk through housing at the beginning of the trail. ¬†Good to know ūüôā

Below are some of the pictures I took on my cold morning hike. ¬†There aren’t a lot of flowers and greenery out there at this time of year so I concentrated on textures and practiced my composition.



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