February 2017-7517 copy

About two years ago I began really starting to explore the are around me.  I wanted to get out more and really use my camera as well as get a little exercise.  I was trying to get away from the over crowded parks and walking trails so I did a little research.  I discovered Natural Lands Trust and fell in love.  There are so many beautiful nature preserves around me.  Many are within an hours drive.

Mariton has easily become my favorite go to place.  About once a month they have a dinner and a movie.  This is nice because I get to meet other people who love the outdoors, birds and animals as much as I do.  There are some awesome trails that range from easy to more challenging.  A nice array of wooded area with open spaces and a great bird blind to watch the birds and occasionally get some pictures.

I have seen a lot of birds here and am still working on identification.  I am a late bloomer to birding so it can be a challenge.

This last hike was a lot of fun.  I love the Chickadees and the White Breasted Nuthatches were entertaining me at the blind.  As you can tell I love animals and textures and tend to seek them out when I am outdoors.


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