The Giving Pond

February 2017-7580 copy

One of the things I love so much about hiking and photography is that it is different for everybody.  Some people hike for the destination while people like me meander and get side tracked along the way.  One person photographs the scenery and others the fungi.  One hundred people could visit the same destination and not two pictures or memories would be alike.

There is a place here in Pennsylvania called The Giving Pond.  It is adjacent to the Delaware River.  I have been here numerous times in the Spring and Summer over the years, but usually only in a couple of spots that I knew well.  It has been an unusually warm winter here and I had an opportunity to hike while the foliage isn’t obscuring most everything.

On this hike I discovered a small trail that leads to the tow path on the other side of the pond.  Along this trail I found an abandoned building and a rock sculpture that somebody took the time to build along the way.  It was about a three mile walk until I found my way back to familiar ground.  I have never been able to explore this part of the pond due to the heavy growth that comes with the warm weather.  In here I found a small island that again had a rock sculpture as well as many Midland Painted Turtles that were confused by the “early spring” weather.

I put the above in parenthesis due to the fact that tomorrow we are supposed to get snow and this weekend the high will be in the thirties after reaching sixty-six today.  It is impossible to predict or make plans in this weather.

That said.  Should you find yourself in South Eastern Pennsylvania and want to visit The Giving Pond it is a part of the Delaware Canal State Park.  A part from the beauty and hiking you can also Kayak and fish here.  Bonus!!


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