Winter Finds

untitled shoot-6225 copy

I have never been much of a cold weather person.  I was much more suited to the desert climate of Tuscon than the bitter cold that we sometimes get here in Pennsylvania.  I do have to admit though that there is a certain beauty to the frosty mornings.

The above picture is nothing more than some hanger on leaves from the fall that were mostly dead but a bright spot in an otherwise brown and barren landscape.  Normally overlooked as not worthy of a second glance, but the frost changed them into not only a bright spot of color, but changed them into something quite lovely.

untitled shoot-6220-2sm

I have never quite figured out what the above weeds are, but they are abundant in the field beyond the border of my yard.  In the early morning with the frost making them heavy they too become a thing of unusual beauty.  Isn’t it funny how everyday things can be transformed by the elements?  A weed usually overlooked can become a blooming flower when covered in frost?

untitled shoot-6231-2sm

With the sunrise in it’s full glory I was able to get this back lit picture out in the field.  It came out a bit busy, but I like it nonetheless.  I love textures so much and love the texture of the leaves against the softness of the background and the warmness of the sun.

untitled shoot-6239 copy

Sunset and time to head home.


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