Going through old photo’s and found these 🙂  When the children were young we spent a lot of time at this little fishing hole up in Tylersport.  I honestly don’t even remember how we located this spot it was so many years ago!  The young boy in the pictures is my son who is graduating high school this year!  My how time flies!!

One of the reasons I love these photo’s so much is that it was here that I began to form my “style” of photography.  I love finding one thing that I love and making that the primary focus of the image.  I also love reflections and textures as seen in so much of what I take pictures of.

There are so many reasons to love photography, but one of the best is finding pictures that you haven’t seen for a long time and the smile it brings to your face as you are reminded of a time that brings back wonderful memories.

There isn’t really much I can tell you about a visit to Tylersport that would make you rush to go there.  It is a small town that consists of a Bar an Auto Shop, a Township run lake and the “Pickerel Pond” as it is known to the locals.

In the summer the pond is covered in water lilies.  It is always a challenge to fish there but the pickerel and bass are worth the effort if you are lucky enough to catch them!  There is a short paved trail that leads through the woods and a grassy trail that leads to the damn.  Nothing for a serious hiker, but a great place to see wild life and a large variety of birds.  Last year there were Orioles. They are absolutely gorgeous.

On another note.  I realize some of these images are a bit blurry and not all such great shots, but it is so far to see then and now that I posted them anyway 🙂  This was before I truly understood shutter speed and focal length and all the other good stuff that I have learned since then.


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