Wilma Quinlin Nature Preserve

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New Britain Township is located along a strip of road that is oftentimes congested and backed up for miles.  There are housing developments and business’s lining both sides of the main road and industries on the side roads.  Natural Lands Trust has a “Find Yourself Outdoors” challenge.  At each of their preserves is a search word and the goal is to log the word.  Once you have them all you win a fleece vest.  This year I hope to finally get them all.

Wilma Quinlan is a preserve that is a little over 26 acres.  The trails are mowed grass along the edges of the fields and along most of the creek with a few wooded trails.  This is an easy trail and great for a spring day.  There are a huge variety of birds to be seen and if you are really lucky a few of them will be water birds fishing.

One of my favorite spots is “Miriam’s Meadow”.  This almost three acre meadow is stunning when the wild flowers come into bloom.  There are Scarlet Bergamot, Johnny Jump-up, Narrowleaf Vervain, Clasping Bellwort, Ground Laurel, Swamp Sunflower, White Meadowsweet, and the list just goes on.  Things bloom at different times from Spring until Autumn so several visits are advised if you are local.

I am guessing that by now you have come to realize that I am a huge fan of nature preserves.  It isn’t that I have an aversion to State parks,  but on warm days they can become so over crowded and the chance of seeing wild life becomes rather slim.  Sadly there are also the trash and people stomping on the local fauna.

I discovered the local preserves quite by accident last summer and every chance I am free I try to discover and explore a new one.  Although I do run into people occasionally I am mostly left to sit and enjoy the beauty around me uninterrupted.


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