Tinicum, Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places and one of my favorite go to spots when I need to just get away from it all.  As I was cleaning out and organizing photo’s I came across these photos.  Not even sure when I took them to be honest.  These were the days when I used my DSLR as a point and shoot and hadn’t even heard of the term RAW file 😦  I am sad because I don’t have the originals and some of the edits on these images did not make them better.

Well that being said.  One of my favorite past times when I need a pick me up is to go looking for deer.  This brings me back to the days when my grandpop was still alive and we would go deer spotting.  There is an ordinance that does not allow for develops and because of this the deer population can be seen even during the day.  Below are some of them.  They are so curious about the sound of the shutter.  Poised to run, but ears perked up trying to discover what it is they are hearing.

Tinicum is also home to Ralph Stover  State Park and High Rocks, which is part of Ralph Stover.  Both parks are amazing for hiking, fishing, exploring, relaxing and photography.  I spent a good part of my childhood at these parks and love going to them.  I used to take the children there a lot when they were little.

As you can tell from several of my posts, my youngest was my fisherman.  He was always so patient and would always want to come along with me on my adventures so he could try to catch something. I miss those days so much.

Lastly is the tow trail.  This runs along the Delaware River for I believe about 66 miles.  (Don’t hold me to that.)  I always get on it at random spots from Easton down past Washington Crossing.  I have walked it on both the PA side and the NJ side.  This particular day there was quite a bit of water in the canal and I was able to locate the Lock Ness Monster 🙂  At least from the one angle … LOL!!

 I would most definitely recommend a drive through Tinicum if you were ever to visit Pennsylvania.  It is such a lovely place to sight see.


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