Today jas been a rough day.  My Fibro always acts up worse when the seasons change.  Because I can’t take any medications I just get through it.  Some days are harder than others.  

After church I came home and started my chili before going to the beauty salon to get my hair tamed.  Then home to make soup and meatballs.  

The sun finally came out and I wanted to get out and take some photos.  I decided to try self portraits.  The wind was whipping around and even my sturdy tripod had difficulty holding my camera steady.  

I chose the shot above because it so perfectly portrays me on days like today.  I love how the sun made my hair shimmer and the wind hid the pain in my face.  

Yesterday was a day where I had my little hurricane of a grandson!  He is my love!  He hestitated just long enough for me to capture a photo!

Yes, I have an obsession with black and white photos.  Before the digital age I often used black and white film.  Some images just lend themselves to monocromatic.  

Well it is time to pack away this weeks meals and hopefully get some some rest.

Hopefully updating tomorrow will be easier.  My computer won’t open WordPress anymore so I have to use my phone 😕